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The Advantages Of Collaborative Divorce

Less stress and animosity.
With a focus on the future, past differences and unproductive patterns are left behind.
Each spouse feels in control of his or her own future.
The dignity of the family is preserved.
Parenting decisions put the interests of children first.
Compliance with the final settlement is usually greater.

Often Less Costly-Financially & Emotionally

Collaborative Divorce often reduces the time and costs involved in divorce by:

A commitment to efficient and full disclosure rather than a lengthy fact–finding process.
Engaging one set of experts for financial valuations rather than two.
Encouraging communication and agreement throughout the process.
Reducing conflict and its toll on

Parents’ ability to attend to the children’s adjustment to divorce
Concentration at work, with loss of time and productivity
Physical health
Relationships with extended family and friends

Costs are largely determined by how long it takes the participants to settle – a powerful incentive to negotiate in good faith, with an equitable settlement as the primary goal.

Collaborative Divorce Is Family Focused

Collaborative Divorce professionals make every effort to ensure that the process:

Avoids going to court and having a stranger (the judge) make decisions for you regarding your children, property or finance.
Promotes full and open disclosure of assets.
Relies on trust, good-faith negotiations and constructive problem–solving behavior.
Preserves integrity in bringing a dispute or divorce to resolution.
Allows the couple to reach their own settlement, based on their priorities.
Results in a settlement and co-parenting plan that benefits all family members.